pets will get
lost in their lifetime


of all lost pets never
return home without ID


QR Code +
NFC Enabled

Round-the-clock Access

Pet Data Stored
In The Cloud

Location Log


Zero Subscriptions

What Is It

badge is a NFC & QR code enabled intelligent pet ID tag, which is linked to pet profiles created in the Pet Widget app. badge and its features are designed and developed to help lost pets reunite with their families.

Pets' data are securely stored in the cloud, there are no subscription fees, pets' information can be accessed 24/7, owners can offer rewards, and are in full control of the information presented in their pets' online profile with the free Pet Widget app.


How Does It Work

If a pet with a badge is ever lost, the person who finds the lost pet only requires a smartphone to scan the unique QR code, or tap the NFC tag to access the relevant information to help the pet find home. There is even a scanned location log to help owners narrow down the search for their lost pet!

Each badge is unique, and once a link with a pet profile is established, the owner can configure the pet's online identification details using the Pet Widget app.

Please refer to the User Guide for instructions on how to get started using your badge.

Online Pet Profile

Call Pet Owner Instantly

Check Last Scanned Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to buy the Pet Widget app?

    No, Pet Widget is available for FREE on the Apple AppStore, and on Google Play.

  • I just purchased a badge for my pet. What's next?

    Check out our User Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to set it up.

  • How do I view the last scanned locations?

    On the badge Profile page in Pet Widget, tap on the 'Last Scanned Locations' button. For a more detailed view, or to navigate to any last scanned location, tap on any map thumbnail in the log to launch your preferred map application.

  • How do I link a used badge to another pet profile?

    Access the 'My Pets' page in Pet Widget, and locate the pet that is currently linked to the badge. Tap on that pet's profile to view more details. You will see the 'Unlink' button in red, situated to the right side of the 'badge Profile' field. Tap on the red 'Unlink' button, and the badge will be ready to be linked to another pet profile.

  • Last scanned locations are not captured in the system.

    Check that the QR Code reader/scanner app used to scan the badge launches the pet's profile in the phone's web browser. If not, please download another QR Code reader/scanner app, and try again.

    To protect the privacy of persons, which includes the person who scans the tag, there will be a pop up window when somebody scans the tag. Please refer to the attached screen shot for an example of the pop up window.

    The user must tap on "OK" for the system to log the last scanned location.

    Some users like to test the function with their own phone, and may have tapped on "Don't Allow" at first, not knowing that this is necessary for the system to log the last scanned location. After which, the mobile phone used to scan the badge will no longer have the pop up message when that same phone is used to scan the badge again. You can keep scanning the badge with that same phone, and there will be no pop up message, and the location will not be captured in the system.

    To reset this, kindly clear the cache/browsing history of the phone's web browser. If it is an iPhone, it will most likely be Safari, which requires you to clear the cache/browsing history through "Settings". If you are using an Android phone, your web browser will likely be Chrome, which requires you to access Chrome's settings directly from the app.

    Once you do that, you can try scanning your badge again, and the pop up window should appear again. Tap on "OK", and you will see it appear in Last Scanned Locations.